WALLPAPER: This Star-Spangled Banner (House of Cards)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Remy & Jackie from House of Cards

Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp are the very definition of “too precious for this world” on House of Cards. Last season I thought for sure they were both doomed, but I’m glad to learn that isn’t necessarily the case. Haven’t had the opportunity to watch s4 yet, but it seems like things are left pointing in the right direction for these two. Also, while working on the ATLAS: SPACE project, I couldn’t really ignore the blanket of white that was prevalent over my favorite TV couples. Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff Romero) aside, I don’t think there was much color to be found. Personally, I do think all the recent hand-wringing about the lack of diversity in Hollywood is a little bit overblown. However, as a POC myself, I cannot ignore the fact that despite lots of actors of color getting great work (particularly on TV) these days, they have not been getting the great romances at all. This is an issue that needs to be explored.

For now, I’m happy to be able to make something showcasing Remy & Jackie, both of whom I love, separately and together. Kevin Spacey is my favorite actor, and as I’m not a fan of political dramas, he’s essentially the reason I began watching HOC in the beginning. I even rooted for his character in the first two seasons, but I’m completely over both Frank and Claire Underwood at this point. Remy & Jackie are basically the moral center of the show, and how they navigate that corrupt landscape is actually the more intriguing aspect to me. Here’s to hoping for a spin-off! (Yes, I know that’s never gonna happen.)

Next: I’m working on something for the Nashville wedding. I’m not sure what will follow.

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