WALLPAPER: We Were Full of Life (Animorphs)


Can it really be? Is this the last piece of the ATLAS: SPACE series? In the end, I chose to make an Animorphs wallpaper with Kiernan Shipka as Rachel and Miles Heizer as Tobias. I’m still not 100% happy with this “casting” choice, but I’m happy with how it turned out aesthetically. I was able to find pics of them that really fit my vision for the wallpaper. These two were my first ship ever, back when I was about 10 years old. (I’m totally dating myself here.) I’ve seen some comments on Tumblr that are along the lines of, “When Rachel & Tobias are your first ship, you know you’re in for a long, hard road of shipping.” Ain’t that the truth. All of my OTPs since have that one thing that really connects them to each other, that one little thing where you watch them and think, “Those two are soulmates.” If Rory & Jess or Dan & Blair aren’t bantering about books & music or movies & art (respectively), then what’s the point? If Linden & Holder aren’t riding around in a car smoking cigarettes, then what are we watching for? And if Rayna & Deacon aren’t writing and playing music together, why should we even care about this show anymore (hint hint)? For Rachel & Tobias, it was always about riding thermals together in their bird morphs, teasing each other in private thought-speak. “The two of you and the two of me.” It was beautiful, and that connection (along with the morphing cube that started it all, the beginning of the end) is what I tried to allude to in this wallpaper.

I’m not sure what’s happening with this new Animorphs movie that they’re supposedly making but I hope they’ll do a good job with finding the right Rachel. She’s by far the most complex character, and therefore the most difficult to cast. In the old TV series, Brooke Nevin was a decent actress, but she was totally wrong for the part.

Anyway, now that this series is done, I’ll probably go back to making wallpapers much less frequently. I have finished a House of Cards one that I’ll post next. And I’m also working on one for the Nashville wedding. I will also go back to working on some new wallpapers for my series finale series.

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