WALLPAPER: Made of Precious Metals (Gossip Girl)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Dan & Blair from Gossip Girl

I was never a huge fan of the Dan/Blair Met steps scene. Too much fluffy pink all around, and Blair’s princess complex was one of my least favorite things about her. But we got some of the best HQ Dair pics from the filming of that scene. I now wish I’d saved more of the photos, because apparently all the old GG fansites where I used to get my Gossip Girl images have closed down. Well, no matter. I managed with what I had. This is the 8th wallpaper in the Sleeping At Last series, using lyrics from “Mercury.” Two more to go!

Next: American Horror Story (Frances Conroy characters), Nashville (Deacon Claybourne), more from the Sleeping At Last/Atlas: Space series.

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