WALLPAPER: Moon (Supernatural)

Desktop wallpaper featuring John & Mary Winchester from Supernatural

This is my first Supernatural wallpaper in a long time. Sleeping at Last’s Atlas: Space album has 11 songs, but 2 of them are instrumentals, so I have 9 sets of lyrics to work with. I want to make it an even 10 wallpapers, so after some thought I decided that Supernatural would work really well with a moon theme (hell, I’ve already done it before if you look at my Supernatural page in the archive) without any other text. I love John & Mary so much. Young, old, dead, alive, possessed, alternate universe, flashback, etc. I don’t care! I love them separately and together in all forms. They are really my only romantic ship on that show. If they got more screen time, they would be one of my OTPs.

I have 3 more wallpapers to go before I finish out the series: “Mercury” (Dan/Blair), “Earth” (Michael/Maria), “Mars” (Rachel/Tobias). These will probably take a bit longer than the others because I’ve really had to hunt for the right images (particularly the Animorphs one because I’ve decided to do my own fantasy re-casting), but I plan to get them all done soon.

Next: Promo stills from the Nashville wedding have been released! This is not a drill! I am really tempted to make something with them, but I know I should wait for the actual episode to air. Less than 2 weeks. Let’s see if I cave before then. I’ve been wanting to do Deacon Claybourne solo wallpaper. I might do that instead. I’ve also been working on an American Horror Story thing.

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