WALLPAPER: The Thunder Breaks (The Killing)


So far most the wallpapers from this series have been all rainbows and loving sentiments. This one for The Killing got rather dark. Sorry about that. That wasn’t really my intention since they did get a happy ending in the epilogue. But I think I’ve nearly run out of HQ promo pics and stills for this show, and I hadn’t used these yet. That being said, I do really like how the colors turned out, even if the space theme isn’t as obvious. The lyrics here are from the song “Neptune.”

Next: It’s been a while (over 10 years!) since I made a new Michael/Maria wallpaper, but they are the next couple I’m working on for this series. (You might be thinking that I’ve been knocking out these wallpapers at five times my normal pace lately. Unfortunately, that won’t last, especially after this series is over.)

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