WALLPAPER: Possibility (Friday Night Lights)


One of my favorite moments on Friday Night Lights (and there are many) happens when Tyra goes roadtripping to state championships with Landry at the end of season 3 and he gets her to rewrite her college essay and mold it into something that’s truly unique to her experience. The resulting passage that she reads as a voiceover is so beautiful and lovely that it only makes me madder that they completely ruined her character in the last two seasons. She was my favorite, and I still don’t quite get the decision to erase 3 seasons of character growth. I didn’t really expect her romantic relationship with Landry to last past high school, but what about their close friendship? I don’t believe for a second that she would’ve completely blown him off in season 4, and then we didn’t even get any kind of closure for them at the end of the series when they both came back to Dillon. It completely ruined the series finale for me. Oh well. In this wallpaper, I wanted to use that quote from her essay as a bridge into the new landscape the show took on in season 4, because I think it applies to risk they were taking in going from the Panthers to the Lions. It even extends beyond the series, when Tami takes the job in Philly and she and Eric have to start over again elsewhere. Life is all about possibilities, even in the years after college. And even in the years before. I was so glad Coach Taylor ended up coaching high school again because he was so good with kids that age throughout the series that I believe his impact would be wasted in college athletics.

Next: The Killing (Linden/Holder), Roswell (Michael/Maria), possibly House of Cards.

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