WALLPAPER: Homeward (The Leftovers)


I just finished season 2 of The Leftovers this past week, and man, that’s some amazing TV. I knew as soon as I saw this shot of the bridge in the finale that I had to make some kind of graphic with it. Easily one of the most beautifully shot sequences I’ve seen on TV since Breaking Bad ended. (It’s not really spoiler-y because I don’t think people can tell what’s happening here if they haven’t seen the episode.) Anyway, this is something quick I put together in the middle of all my Sleeping At Last stuff. It was such a great season. The first season was fantastic, but as I mentioned, very much a downer. I think season 2 was much more hopeful and the show’s special brand of humor was used to greater effect. What’s most impressive about the series is how well they immerse you into the world, so much so that you truly believe things you wouldn’t believe in real life are possible. I love that. Also, Matt and Nora are my favorite characters. Those two just can’t catch a break. They’re brother and sister, so I’m actually starting to wonder if that’s the connection to their bad luck. Anyway, I guess we’ll see what they have in store for the final season. I wish it weren’t ending so soon. I was skeptical at first about how they would take this show past the narrative introduced by the novel, but they far exceeded my expectations and made a beautiful season of television.

Next: Well, I’ve made a Jimmy/Kim Sleeping At Last wallpaper for my series, but I’m really not happy with it. Still trying to decide whether I should redo it. It’s linked to the BCS and Special Projects pages if you want to take a look. I’m also in the middle of new wallpapers for Friday Night Lights and The Killing, and I still want to make something for The Catch, though maybe I should wait until I’ve seen the pilot and more photos show? We’ll see.

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