WALLPAPER: I Will Follow (Gilmore Girls)

Desktop wallpaper for Gilmore Girls featuring Lorelai & Rory Gilmore

On the heels of the official Gilmore Girls Netflix revival news, I present to you a new Lorelai & Rory wallpaper! I don’t think I’ve made one featuring them since 2004 or 2005. I am excited to see this show back, although to be honest, I’d rather see a continuation of Bunheads, which was axed way before its time. But since Gilmore Girls is what’s happening, I hope we get confirmation of Milo’s return soon. If Rory & Jess don’t at least end in a good place (whether as friends or more), I don’t really see the benefits of this continuation. Of course I would like know the final four words that ASP has teased forever, and I’m glad that she will finally be able to end the show on her terms. But the Literati ship is the only main thing I felt had no closure. And if Rory does end up with Logan or Dean romantically, I can’t say I won’t be upset. I really hated those relationships. I didn’t recognize Rory when she was with those guys. She deserves way better.

Next: I’m working on some new wallpapers planned for Gossip Girl, Nashville, and Bates Motel, possibly others for Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards. You might also see another Gilmore Girls wallpaper for Rory/Jess this time.

Also, whenever we finally get some good promo pics for the new Shondaland series The Catch, you can bet I’ll be on it ASAP! Can’t wait for Mireille Enos and Peter Krause to be on my TV again.

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