WALLPAPER: White Tulip (Fringe)

Desktop wallpaper for the Fringe series finale

Apparently Photobucket can’t be trusted as an image host anymore either, so I’ll be moving all my thumbnails over to WordPress at some point.

Meanwhile, here is my wallpaper in tribute to the Fringe series finale. I’m starting to think this whole wallpaper series was a good idea in theory but maybe a bit silly in practice. Everything is starting to look the same, which admittedly was the point, but anyway, I still plan to continue either way. Recently Blair Brown came out with the accusation that Fringe became a “boy show” and was all about Walter & Peter at the end despite premiering with Olivia as the lead character. While she has a point about male TV writers often not knowing how to write women, I don’t think that pertains to this show. Walter & Peter were always the heart of this show. Even Anna Torv has admitted as much in interviews. And despite the “secret” not being revealed until the season 1 finale, it was always planned from the beginning. Although the final season of Fringe may not have been the best overall, it was a very satisfying conclusion for the series.

Next: Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Bates Motel, possibly House of Cards.

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