WALLPAPER: Peace of Mind (The Killing)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Linden & Holder from The Killing

As I said in my previous post, I’m working on a series of wallpapers in tribute to the best series finales of my favorite TV shows, using the Six Feet Under one I made two years ago as a sort of template. Here’s my offering for The Killing. Now, I know I already made a wallpaper for the series finale of this show, but this one I think captures the spirit of the epilogue a bit better, and I like the colors a whole lot more. I know I’ve certainly overuse the copious shots of the back of Mireille Enos’ head and her ponytail, but that’s kind of the iconic image of the series, is it not? Text is from Holder’s last words of the episode, and they are a really perfect summation of everything depicted here.

Next up: I’ll tackle the series finales of Fringe, Breaking Bad, and others. I also have some random wallpapers potentially in the works for One Tree Hill, American Horror Story, Nashville, Orphan Black, and Friday Night Lights. (I realize I’ve been talking about several of these for quite some time, and they have yet to materialize.)

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