WALLPAPER: Sometimes I Wish (Nashville)

Nashville wallpaper featuring Rayna & Deacon (Deyna)

How about that proposal in the Nashville winter finale? And why is March still so far away? I was initially conflicted about this whole scene. I’m one of those fans who don’t think there really needed to be a new ring, or even a new proposal. But then I thought about how during the first 3 proposals, Deacon never really phrased the “marry me” as a question. And if he feels the need to redo it, then I can understand. Using the dialogue from the pilot but in reverse was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. That first bridge scene is my favorite moment and quote from the whole series thus far, so I loved the callback. There was a lot more I wanted to work into this wallpaper, including the first proposal since that’s what he said he wanted to change, but it was getting very cluttered. I didn’t want to put so much focus on the diamond ring, since as I said, I prefer the first ring (but they can still use it as a wedding band, right?), but I was tired of all my recent wallpapers looking the same and I thought I could use it as a design element. I was also hoping that someone would post HQ screencaps of the latest episode before I made this, but so far no one has. Anyway, Deacon and Rayna are finally getting married! I’m so glad I didn’t get into this show until they were back together because I’m not sure I would’ve made it through all that nonsense with Luke Wheeler.

Next: I’m at the tail end of an epic Friday Night Lights binge, so I’ll probably make a wallpaper for that. Also, I’ll be finishing up some cast/character work for Breaking Bad and American Horror Story, I hope.

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