WALLPAPER: Nothing Made Me (Sherlock)

Desktop wallpaper for Sherlock featuring Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

As predicted, I made no mention of Sherlock in that long list of shows I rattled off in my previous post about what might be next. This is my first BBC Sherlock wallpaper. I had started another a couple years back but that one was never finished. I’m really excited for the upcoming Victorian special. It’s been two years since we’ve seen these characters which is really two years too long. There have been a lot of great promo images released so there’s a good chance I may make another wallpaper before it airs. This one features my favorite lines from the trailer.

Next up: It will most certainly be another Nashville wallpaper. After that, I’m not entirely sure. I would like to finish the American Horror Story and Breaking Bad wallpapers I’ve been working on.

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