WALLPAPER: We Were Younger (Nashville)

Rayna & Deacon (Deyna)

Remember when I said last time that I don’t even watch Nashville? Well, I started watching it. Actually, I’m starting on season 4 so that I can keep up with the present storyline. I’ve only watched the first two episodes of season one, and only clips of the rest of seasons 1-3. The current season has had some issues, and I think they mostly stem from the fact that Rayna and Juliette have had completely separate storylines and haven’t even interacted since the season premiere. Isn’t the whole premise of this show based on their frenemyship? At least Rayna and Deacon are finally together. Obviously there will be fights and disagreements, but I think the writers would be foolish to break them up again. I don’t think it’s all that believable at this point. Anyway, I’ve even warmed to country music a little bit, although it’s mostly the more folk-heavy or rockabilly tunes, since I liked that type of thing already. I blame this all on Chip Esten. Despite how perfect he is in the Deacon Claybourne role, I still hope the new Whose Line revival outlasts Nashville so he can make another improv appearance.

I think the starry sky background I used for this is gorgeous, and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for another Deyna wallpaper. The lyrics are from the gorgeous Dawn Golden song “All I Want,” which is one of my favorites. I’ve been wanting to use them for a while and almost did on my previous Rory & Jess wallpaper, but then I decided it didn’t really suit them. I’m glad I waited! (Speaking of Rory & Jess, how about that Gilmore Girls revival news? I may make a new GG wallpaper to celebrate.)


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