WALLPAPER: I’ll Be Home (Nashville)

ETA, January 2016: I found better stills of this scene after I first made this wallpaper, so I’ve tweaked it with a new main image.

Desktop wallpaper for Deacon & Rayna from Nashville

Admittedly, I do not actually watch Nashville. It’s a little too soapy for my current taste, and country music isn’t my favorite. But Chip Esten was one of my favorite performers on Whose Line is it Anyway? roughly 15 years ago when it was still on ABC in the U.S., and I’ve missed him on the revival that’s now running on the CW. Last year, I binge-watched Big Love and enjoyed his recurring dramatic role there, even if it wasn’t a huge part, so I decided to check out some Nashville scenes on YouTube. I quickly got sucked into the whole relationship between Rayna & Deacon. I absolutely love them together. It’s like someone finally decided to do Rufus & Lily (Gossip Girl) right. Well, the series isn’t over yet, but unless Rayna decides inexplicably to re-marry Teddy, it couldn’t possibly end worse than GG. Actually these two are superior to Rufus & Lily because there isn’t all that UES socialite BS that I never liked, particularly when Rufus essentially became a househusband and gave up his music. I love this scene in season one where Rayna & Deacon are singing one of their old songs, “The End of the Day,” (their best duet together, in my opinion) on the couch, so I really wanted to use those images in a wallpaper. Seeing as how I’m now quite obsessed, you can probably expect more of Nashville wallpapers from me in the near future.

Next: I have so many new wallpapers in progress right now. I don’t like how any of them look at the moment, so I can’t really say what I might post next.

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