WALLPAPER: Psycho (Bates Motel)


I try not to focus on one TV series too much at any given time, but I know it must seem like I’ve made half a dozen Bates Motel wallpapers recently. (In reality, it has only been three.) I can’t help it! Season 3 really surprised me in a good way. I will admit that I thought season 2 was borderline terrible. There were too many new characters who had no real effect on the larger picture, and far too much time was spent on the town’s drug trade. Season 3 was fantastic. The story really started moving towards its inevitable conclusion. I even spent far too much time yesterday researching Strychnine poisoning for the purposes of fleshing out my many Bates Motel finale theories. Anyway, although I am not a Norman/Norma “shipper,” I love making wallpapers for these two. There are so many great photoshoots to choose from, and I can delight in making it as twisted as possible. This was one of my favorite quotes from this past season, delivered to perfection from Freddie Highmore.

Next: I have wallpapers in progress from House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul. But here is the best news (hold onto your hat!): I have started writing my long-abandoned Gossip Girl (Dan/Blair) fanfic again! For those who don’t know but might be interested, it takes place in an alternate universe dystopia, it’s called “For The Ones We Leave Behind,” and you can find the first two chapters on my fanfic page. I’ll be posting a new one very soon!

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