WALLPAPER: Significant (Fringe)


I’m going to keep this commentary short because I think my last few posts have just been me babbling on about my thoughts and theories for TV series that are still ongoing. We already know how Fringe ended. As you may know, I have always loved the Observers. (I am speaking of the original ones who are named after months of the year, not the evil ones who took over in season 5.) September is probably my second favorite character on the show after Walter. But I also like August and December. I’m not sure the other one has a name. Anyway, this was originally supposed to be a Fringe cast wallpaper with a general focus on the Observers, but it ended up being more about Peter Bishop. Although of course now it’s debatable what “the boy” is really referring to. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 5, so let’s just say I’m referring to Peter.

I have several other wallpapers in the works and planned, but I’ll be on vacation for the next couple weeks and they’ll have to wait. I hope to get back to posting soon!

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