WALLPAPER: An Elastic Heart (Bates Motel)



I recently finished season 3 of Bates Motel (finally!) and I LOVED it. It was definitely the best season yet, with Psycho references and hints abound. The jury is still out on how I feel about Caleb. Of course I agree with Norma that you cannot be friends with your rapist, no matter how much time has passed or how remorseful he is. I also think it’s obvious that he is still in love with her in some way, even if he doesn’t want to be, which is problematic. At the same time, they are family. They clearly had a lousy upbringing and were very close because of it. They were also basically kids when it happened, and he has had to live with the fallout for decades. The way Kenny Johnson plays him, I also think Caleb is not all there in the head, and it’s a bit heartbreaking, even if I might dislike him. I had tears in my eyes during that one scene in episode 7 when he was trying to give her flowers and a thank you note just for talking to him. My personal opinion is that he is truly sorry but the relationship cannot be repaired. But I do enjoy their scenes together so I really hope he returns later in the series.

Next: I will of course be making another Normero wallpaper. Better Call Saul and House of Cards are also on the docket.

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