WALLPAPER: Two Sides (The Affair)


Given the nature and concept of the series, it seemed only natural to make a set of matching wallpapers for The Affair. Unfortunately, I still didn’t get to use my favorite promo pic, which is the one where Noah and Alison are in the water. I expect I’ll get to that somewhere in the future. I finally got to watch season 1 last month, and I do have some mixed feelings. It’s a fascinating show, but I do feel some of the similarities to The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, both in structure and in premise, make its effect less potent. By the second half of the season I was more interested in the present-day murder investigation than the relationship drama, but there were frustratingly few scenes. There is also the problem of Helen being (in my opinion) the only true sympathetic character in the whole series, though I also enjoy the character of the detective. I’m interested to see where they go with the Cole and Helen perspectives and the present-day storyline in the 2nd season. Frankly, I was not particularly happy with the season finale, but I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Treem since In Treatment, and I’m still very much a fan of what the show has offered so far.

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