WALLPAPER: It Was You & Me (The Killing)

Linden & Holder

[SPOILERS AHEAD!] I recently got to watch the series finale of The Killing, finally. Even though I had spoiled parts of it for myself, it was still incredibly moving. Not quite on the level of Six Feet Under’s finale, of course, but it was still one of the best I have seen. I wasn’t expecting all those shots of Seattle locales from the openings credits to make a comeback in those final minutes. It was very emotional for me, like a loop being closed. And of course, the song “Peace of Mind” by The Jezebels was the perfect pairing. I think maybe I just like shots of people driving while remembering the past and looking towards the future. Anyway, I’ll probably be making more wallpapers inspired by the finale along the line. I’m not really happy with this one, but my goal was to make something lighter, aesthetically speaking. All my wallpapers for this show have been very dark (with good reason) and I wanted to show both Linden & Holder getting out of homicide and moving on.

Up next: a pair of wallpapers for The Affair, as well as ones for House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and maybe Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Better Call Saul.

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