UPDATE: New wallpapers! Broken links fixed!

Well, I haven’t posted anything new in almost 5 months. The reason is that I finally updated my main laptop to OS X Yosemite, and a bunch of my old programs no longer work, including my outdated version of Photoshop. I still have it on my other computer, but it’s extremely ancient and cumbersome to use. Nevertheless, I’ve been catching up on TV shows for the last few weeks and the itch to make new graphics must be scratched!

I’m working on a few new wallpapers for Better Call Saul, The Killing, and Gossip Girl. Some other shows I hope to finally make my first wallpaper for: House of Cards, American Horror Story, and The Affair. Stay tuned!

Additionally, I have finally gone through the individual posts and fixed all the broken links on my old wallpapers. Last year, I had fixed all of the links in the archive, but then I realized that most people who stumble upon this blog find the individual posts and end up clicking on dead links, which must be frustrating! I have finally rectified this.

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