WALLPAPER: Tell Me A Secret (Dexter)


I finally finished watching the complete Dexter series a few months ago. While watching the finale, I was expecting the worse because of all the bellyaching I had heard back in 2013 about what an awful series finale it was and how badly it ended. I don’t really understand all the hate. Sure, it wasn’t the most satisfying ending ever (that prize goes to that other Michael C. Hall show, Six Feet Under) and the show definitely overstayed its welcome for about 3 extra seasons, but I enjoyed the way it ended. I actually think it ended better than Breaking Bad did, and that show was far superior in almost every other way. Not only that, some of those shots from the last 5 minutes or so of the Dexter finale were breathtakingly beautiful! So I knew I had to make a wallpaper from the screencaps.

You can find a spoiler-y version of this Dexter wallpaper here.

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