Meryl & Maks

With all the new pics from Vera Bradley, Shall We Dance on Ice, and Sway, some new wallpapers of Meryl and Maks were begging to be made. Yes, I know. I’m so far gone, I don’t even care anymore. The concept for this one was inspired by a comment I saw on Tumblr after these pics came out, about how they should be titled “Flowers in Hermes Vase,” a reference to a conversation the two of them have during their Making of Sway video when Meryl says that she’ll be the flowers in their dance partnership, while Maks can be an Hermes Vase. Special thanks to @jenhauser_ on IG who went to the Vera Bradley meet & greet they did earlier this month and captured this precious moment.

I have more stuff coming, so hold onto your hats. The Gattaca wallpaper I mentioned last time is already finished. I’ll post it later this week, possibly along with some others. I hope to make another Meryl & Maks one with some of the fantastic photos taken at Sway. Also, I’m working on some new ones for Six Feet Under, Dexter, and Fringe. Stay tuned!

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