WALLPAPER: That Could Be You & Me (Gossip Girl)

08/16/11: I finally had time to fix the typo in the theater marquee, “Nights of Cabiria.” Yay. (Yes, I realize the thumbnail is still wrong. The correction only shows up in the full-size version.)
Dan & Blair
It’s been far too long since my last Dair wallpaper. I’ve wanted to make something with this Penn/Leighton shoot ever since I first saw it back in 2007. I’m kind of glad I never got around to it back then, because now I get to actually make something relevant to their current storyline on the show. The lyrics are from “Midnight Movie” by The Secret Handshake.

Speaking of which, I actually added a new page to the site last weekend. It’s a comprehensive list of all the songs and books I’ve quoted in all the wallpapers in the archive. You can find it on the right sidebar right under the Resource List, and of course I hope to keep it updated. Usually I’ll quote songs (and the occasional book) that I really love. Every once in a while, if I stumble upon a quote that really fits, I’ll use it regardless, but for the most part I would highly recommend all songs and books on that list. Most of my wallpapers start with a song that I feel embodies the subject of the wallpaper, and from there I create a concept and find imagery based off that launching point.


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