WALLPAPER: Overcome Anything (Gossip Girl)

First, can I say how much I love that the top search phrase bringing people to this site is “dan and blair sleeping”? Seriously, why do they have to be so awesome? Secondly, because I am so hopelessly obsessed, and because it’s Monday, I’ve made a new wallpaper. They aren’t sleeping in this one, but well, there are only so many images of that scene out there. Hopefully we will get more in the future. By the way, I haven’t cranked out fandom wallpapers like this since 2006.

Overcome Anything (Dair)

05/01 Note: I’ve noticed that the quality of this particular wallpaper looks awful a few days after I upload it anywhere (though it’s fine right after I upload it?) so I’ve saved it as a PNG and hopefully that solves the problem.

The lyrics are from the song “Teleport: A&B” by The Spill Canvas. There are a lot of TSC songs that remind me of either Dair or Chair, so I was thinking about maybe doing a short series of wallpapers, though I’m not sure I have the heart to make a CB wall these days.

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