Okay, I finally finished updating the Wallpapers > TV Shows > Other page.  It got kind of crowded, so I made an entirely new page: Wallpapers > TV Shows > Supernatural.  It looks a bit sparse right now, but I figured I’m most likely to continue making wallpapers for SPN in the future.  (Although if my Dair obsession persists for much longer, the Gossip Girl wallpapers could also keep coming at an alarming rate.  Frankly, for the sake of my productivity as well as sanity, I hope that’s not the case.)  I guess I’ll do the Gilmore Girls page next.  Looking back, there actually aren’t that many good ones that I’m willing to put up.  Saving One Tree Hill for last because I’m sure that will be a nightmare.

I also added a ton of icons to each of the sub-pages, but I will continue to add those as I find time to go through my collection thoroughly.


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